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Working at Cap Inclusive

Cap Inclusive values diversity and we believe it helps keep a curious mindset, sets ourselves up for innovative thinking and makes life more interesting. 

When hiring someone new, we are looking for individuals who have: 

  • The aptitudes, competencies and knowledge to be great at their job

  • Share similar values and are motivated to build a more inclusive economy

  • Can bring an additional perspective to the table

Our recruitment process

While most interview processes are biased, we try to remove as much as we can by:

  • Focusing our job descriptions on competencies over experiences

  • Having a standard questions rubric to evaluate candidates fairly

  • Anonymized resumes as much as possible

  • A distributed decision process which involves many people within our organization

What we offer

We aim to offer our employees an environment where they can thrive, bring their full selves and share some of the most unique aspects of their personality and culture. For everyone to be comfortable, we offer:

  • A remote-first working environment

  • A no-interruption policy

  • A flexible cultural holiday

  • Short-term family care or self-care leaves

  • A flexible return to work buddy system for new parents

Project Manager

Join Cap Inclusive as a Project Manager

Are you passionate about fostering inclusion and equity in the investment sector? Do you have experience in venture capital or consulting? Cap Inclusive, a dynamic DEI consulting startup, is seeking an enthusiastic project manager to join our team for 6-months contract with the possibility of offering a full-time role afterward. This fully remote position offers a unique opportunity to make a difference, work directly with fund managers and leadership teams, and become a thought leader in the space of inclusive investing. 

As a Project Manager, you will be vital in leading projects, building & leading workshops and coordinating with Cap Inclusive clients. You'll work closely with our team and our CEO to ensure the seamless execution of our mandates. Additionally, you'll have the chance to contribute to our strategy and service offering, promoting the sustainable growth of Cap Inclusive and its clients.

What You'll Do

  1. DEI Continuous Education

    1. Research DEI regulations, laws, and use cases that impact DEI best practices in the finance and investment sector.

    2. Provide regular internal and external webinars to share some of the recent DEI findings.

  2. Operational Efficiency

    1. Establish core operational best practices and run the business of the firm to enable those who are delivering the projects to deliver at a higher level.

    2. Drive efficiencies and create processes for aspects of the business that need improvements.

  3. Project Management & Client Management

    1. Plan project deliverables, leverage project management tools & ensure deliverables are delivered on time and aligned with expectations.

    2. Be the first point of contact for clients, coordinate in-house team and contractors when necessary

  4. Client Deliverables Excellence

    1. Data Analysis: Data collection, analysis and reporting to tell a compelling story on the impact of our clients’ organizations on the social economy.

    2. Workshop Design & Facilitation: Design & facilitate DEI workshops to support change and increase engagement and adoption of best practices from the participants.

    3. Fundraising Strategy: Build data rooms for Impact funds that are fundraising, including defining the Impact strategy, KPIs, Pitch deck, ILPA questionnaire and all supporting operational processes and documentation.

    4. Communications Strategy: Increase engagement and visibility of our client’s social missions by leveraging social media, events and other online platforms.

What We're Looking For

- Passion for building inclusion and equitable processes in the investment sector.

- Extensive knowledge about diversity, equity and inclusion in Canada.

- Basic knowledge of equitable laws & regulations in Canada.

- Ability to distill a complex problem into small achievable actions.

- Ability to plan a long-term project and break it down into short-term deliverables to ensure delivery on time.

- Ability to ask the right questions to better understand a client’s needs, even those they don’t know how to formulate easily.

- Experience in building project management plans and leveraging tools like Monday.

- Ability to build a communications and marketing strategy to engage target audiences.

- Ability to distill information from a complex set of data into a comprehensive and compelling story.

- Experience designing and facilitating workshops.

- Familiarity with venture capital and investing experience.

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and French.

- An excellent attention to detail. 

- Managerial experience working with a remote team.

- Ability to work autonomously and take initiative.

- Friendly, fun, and empathetic mindset.

- Strong organizational and time management skills.

- A willingness to learn and contribute to a collaborative team environment.

- Great Google Slides and Google Sheets skills.

Why Join Cap Inclusive

- Make a difference: Help shape the investment landscape by promoting inclusivity and equity.

- Mentorship and learning opportunities: Learn from industry professionals who are dedicated to your growth and development.

- Flexible and remote work: Work from the comfort of your own home and enjoy a flexible schedule that accommodates your needs.

- Dynamic and supportive team: Join a team that values empathy, collaboration, and autonomy.

- Networking opportunities: Connect with startups, industry experts, and like-minded individuals who share your passion for DEI and venture capital.

The role is a full-time role from April 1, 2024 - October 1, 2024 (6 months) with a potential opportunity to stay on the team based on performance and client needs.The compensation is set at $62-70K, for 35 hours per week for the duration of the contract. A computer will be provided to ensure the best working-from-home conditions.

We offer 4 weeks of vacation per year.

About Cap Inclusive

Cap Inclusive is a consulting firm that leverages data to transform DEI into ROI. Our focus is on working with purpose-driven organizations to build more inclusive and equitable operations to attract, promote and invest in more diverse individuals. By aligning good intentions with stakeholder perceptions, we help firms communicate their DEI effort and attract like-minded customers, investors and candidates.  We help firms at all stages of their DEI transformation, from workshops to create awareness, to DEI data collection to tell a compelling story, all the way to DEI Audits to review employee and customer journeys and understand how to make DEI a strategic priority. 

If you're ready to embark on an exciting journey with Cap Inclusive and contribute to our mission of building a more inclusive investment sector, we'd love to hear from you. Apply today and let's create positive change together!

Please fill this application form before March 1st if you’re interested in joining. 

Not sure if you meet the criteria for this role? We are looking for people who share similar values but bring their own lived experiences to the table! If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to Frederique Decelles our Aanalyst to ask questions and learn more about our culture. 

We can't wait to meet you!


Our Team

Join a team of passionate and skilled individuals. Our team is working towards building a more inclusive and sustainable economy. 

Are you in?

Roxanne worked in venture capital, and now sits on the board of Canadian Women in VC.  Roxanne has worked for 10 years around helping organizations build and launch innovation portfolios, and she recently published a research with HEC Montréal on ways to close the gender gap in VC.

Roxanne Leduc

CEO & Founder

Frederique has launched the Women Founders Project at Front Row Ventures and worked on the VC team at Investissement Quebec. She is helping social impact funds with their fundraising compliance efforts and leading the FemTech Breakfast Club pitch competition at Cap Inclusive.

Frederique Decelles


Sheli's studies specialized in Marketing and Strategic Management and is leading the internal marketing efforts at Cap Inclusive. She also leads the data analysis of our DEI audits and helps clients deliver their purpose with impact by leveraging communication platforms to support their fundraising efforts. 

Sheli Rozenfeld


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