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Closing the Funding Gap - A Practical Guide to Invest in More Women Founders

Updated: Oct 17

A computer with a sreenshare of the whitepaper

We met with 75+ women working in Venture Capital in Canada to understand how we could improve the industry practices to make them more inclusive.

With this Closing the Gender Gap series, we hope to amplify the voices of those women working in venture who shared their stories and experiences.

Thanks to those women, we were able to see clear trends and identify tangible solutions inspired by the industry, for the industry. While we did our best to highlight the trends, each woman founder’s situation is unique, and we hope this can provide guidance and inspire funds to adapt these practices to their reality.

The first report focused on best practices to invest in women founders, based on some of the barriers and biases they are facing when fundraising.

Download the Closing the Gender Gap Report - Investing in Women Founders

Signatories of the Pledge to invest in women founders

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