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  • Roxanne Leduc

DEI in Action: Presenting our Newsletter

Welcome to the very first edition of our Cap Inclusive newsletter! We’re excited to have you here as we embark on this journey together.

At Cap Inclusive, we’re passionate about more than just talking about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) – we’re dedicated to turning those conversations into real, impactful actions. Think of us as your trusted partners, here to help you harness the power of inclusive culture to drive financial success.

In each newsletter, we’ll share our thoughts, insights, and the latest trends shaping DEI in tech, finance, and innovation. So, grab your morning cup (or should we say cap), take a sip, and let’s start brewing meaningful change together…

A 2023 survey by Harvard Business Review found that 67% of job applicants have experienced bias during a hiring process. These biases, including those related to race, gender, and age, not only undermine diversity efforts but also result in missed opportunities for businesses to tap into a more diverse pool of talent.

Addressing bias in hiring is about establishing clear and objective criteria, valuing diversity as part of the profiles we’re looking for, and distributing the selection process to mitigate some of the biases in the hiring process. By moving beyond training and engaging decision-makers in proactive, meaningful change, we can build environments that truly embrace diversity.

A New Era for DEI and Term Sheets!

Ready to navigate the evolving landscape of startup financing in 2024? Discover how the latest trends in term sheets are not only shaping the future of investment deals but also promoting DEI. Learn how startups are leveraging these changes to secure better funding, drive innovation, and foster inclusive growth!

DEI is increasingly becoming a priority in term sheets. In 2023, 11% of term sheets included a clause dedicated to diversity and inclusion (DEI) pledges, up from 8% in 2022 and just 1% in 2021. Notably, DEI inclusion has increased in Seed, Series A, and Series B rounds, though it has decreased in Series C+ rounds. Including a DEI clause can demonstrate your commitment to fostering an inclusive culture, appealing to investors who value diversity.

“Cap Inclusive helped us build best-in-class operational practices and policies that reflected our vision and values. Through an external benchmark exercise, Roxanne helped us compare our firm's vision against industry standards and confidently position ourselves as industry- and thought-leading."

When looking for DEI success, one of the most important things is to align a firm’s vision with the industry standards. At Cap Inclusive, we provide insights that help organizations like AgeTech Capital implement effective DEI strategies. Our goal will always be to empower companies to lead with confidence while promoting a long-lasting inclusive culture that drives both innovation and growth.

Our services are specially designed to help organizations achieve their DEI goals and drive tangible ROI:

We offer a comprehensive review of processes, practices and programs, offering data-driven recommendations.

We offer interactive sessions to empower your teams with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive meaningful DEI changes.

We streamline operations with comprehensive data rooms and Social Impact & ESG strategies to help firms raise capital.

We assist in showcasing and communicating your organization’s purpose-driven initiatives.

Have you ever wondered where you stand on the DEI Maturity Index?

Most people don't know where to start. Try out our free Maturity Index to see where you stand in the DEI transformation and what could be a good way to get started!

The FemTech Breakfast Club Winner in Calgary: We were thrilled to announce the winner of our recent FemTech Breakfast Club event in Calgary. Check it out!

Join us at these upcoming events and webinars where we'll be sharing our insights and strategies for creating inclusive workplaces:

  • FemTech Breakfast Club: Toronto @ Osler’s office June 21st, 2024


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