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  • Roxanne Leduc

Empowering Change: Strategies for Hiring Women in VC

Updated: Apr 26

In our ongoing effort to address gender disparities in the venture capital industry, Cap Inclusive is proud to present the latest addition to our Closing the Gender Gap Series: Hiring Women in VC. This whitepaper is rooted in discussions with over 75 women in the VC sector across Canada, aiming to identify and implement more inclusive industry practices. Through their insights, we have been able to pinpoint common hurdles and propose practical solutions that pave the way for a more inclusive environment. 

This document, crafted for VC investors and Limited Partners who are committed to fostering gender equality within their ranks, offers a detailed examination of the factors that influence the hiring and retention of women in venture capital. It explains the significant impact that fostering women’s growth within VC firms has on fund returns, showcasing how a 10% increase in women partners correlates with a 1.5% rise in annual fund returns and a 9.7% increase in profitable exits.

Key friction points identified include:

  • Awareness in University

  • A lack of visibility and understanding of VC as a career path among university students.

  • Lack of Gender Representation

  • The underrepresentation of women in VC discourages potential candidates. 

  • Recruitment Practices

  • Existing hiring practices that fail to attract or fairly evaluate female candidates.

  • Compensation Disparities

  • The ongoing issue of unequal pay affects women’s decisions to join or stay in VC.

  • Job Perception 

  • The mismatch between the industry’s portrayal and the values and motivations of potential female candidates. 

Our recommendations focus on creating an attractive industry and firm for all by:

  • Showcasing diverse journeys and profiles to challenge the stigma surrounding VC.

  • Hosting office hours for underrepresented workers to demystify the field and encourage applications.

  • Encouraging women speakers at events to improve industry representation.

  • Rethinking the interview process and job descriptions to appeal more to women,

  • Leveraging digital presence to promote diversity and impact within portfolios.

This whitepaper is a testament to Cap Inclusive’s dedication to enriching the VC ecosystem with diverse talent and perspectives. By sharing our findings and recommendations, we hope to inspire VC firms and Limited Partners to join us in our mission to close the gender gap in venture capital. 

We invite you to download and read this white paper as part of your journey with us toward reshaping the venture capital landscape into one where inclusivity and fairness are the norms. By embracing these insights and strategies, we can collectively foster an environment that celebrates and supports women and all those who have been historically marginalized. Together, we can create a more inclusive, equitable, and prosperous industry for everyone.


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