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How to Retain Women in VC: A Practical Guide

Updated: Oct 17

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After over 100 downloads for our first white paper in the Closing the Gender Gap Series, we are happy to present our second white paper on How to Retain Women in VC. This is the result of over 100 hours of interviews with women working in venture capital, looking at the most common friction points to overcome and best practices in the industry.

This white paper covers some of the most common friction points to building an inclusive culture in ALL industries, which include:

  1. Work-life balance

  2. Growth opportunities

  3. Networking

  4. Gender representation

  5. Mentorship opportunities

  6. Firm culture

If you would like to get a free Inclusive Language Assessment, please fill out this form. Cap Inclusive's team will screen your website to identify any gender-biased language that might prevent women from applying for open roles.

If you're curious about benchmarking your Fund against industry best practices or helping your portfolio companies build inclusive workplaces, Cap Inclusive helps align Purpose, Processes, and People through our proprietary Framework.

Talk soon!

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