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Unbiased Interview Practices

A student-led investment fund operating nationally across Canada is dedicated to identifying, training, and funding student founders. They were looking to educate the students involved in the hiring process on unconscious biases, and ways to prevent hiring based on personal preferences. 



100% of participants would recommend

Real-Life Examples

Based on the existing recruitment practices and job specifications of the student-led investment fund,  we’ve built a training session that was tailored and adapted to their reality.



We used the workshop to co-design a rubric questionnaire which removes a lot of the biases, and helps interviewers ask standardized questions, evaluate candidates against objective criteria, and measure values alignment. This framework has shown to not only reduce biases in the decision making process, but also help identify the potential culture-add of candidates with diverse backgrounds.


Concern-based session

We sent a survey to the participants to better understand their concerns and the type of questions they have always been too afraid to ask. DEI is about having those bold conversations and leveraging tech tools helped us achieve better results by adressing those unspoken concerns.


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