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Workshop (General)

We custom design workshops for your team to learn about DEI and related concepts by anchoring them into existing practices.

Some of Cap Inclusive's clients

What to expect

Step 1

Complete an internal survey measuring DEI perceptions, internal processes and informal practices, complete with self-declared DEI data.

Step 2

A team of Cap Inclusive experts will review your survey responses and operational documents, and interview key stakeholders to identify lowlights and highlights compared to industry best practices.

Step 3

Cap Inclusive delivers a compliance report, Purpose statement, roadmap, verified statement, and measurable objectives to communicate internally and externally.

70% completion rate among employees

"As a client of Cap Inclusive, I can confidently say that their services have been invaluable to our journey towards thought leadership. Through their guidance, we've gained a deeper understanding of industry standards and how to leverage data effectively. Cap Inclusive has empowered us to measure our impact and navigate towards a more inclusive and sustainable organization. Their expertise has been instrumental in shaping our strategies and driving meaningful change. I highly recommend Cap Inclusive to any organization committed to making a positive difference.

Danielle Gifford, Executive Director


Candidate & Employee Journey

Our client's fast growth over the last years has been driven by personal referrals, making the workforce very homogenous. They wanted to understand how they could become more attractive to underrepresented groups, and align with federal and provincial recommendations regarding providing Equal Employment Opportunities.

Use Cases

Let's Work

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