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DEI Audit

Our client's fast growth over the last years has been driven by personal referrals, making the workforce very homogenous. They wanted to understand how they could become more attractive to underrepresented groups, and align with federal and provincial recommendations regarding providing Equal Employment Opportunities.



70% of the workforce involved

DEI Audit

Cap Inclusive led a DEI Audit of our client's candidate and employee experiences, to become a more inclusive workplace and align with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Act.


DEI Goal Setting

Through workshops with their team, Cap Inclusive helped its client define priorities based on underrepresented employees’ feedback & interviews. These objectives have been shared by and embodied by management, making them adopted by all.


DEI Reporting

As part of its goals, our client wanted to be better at measuring the diversity of its team and candidates pool at all times. Cap Inclusive design a reporting tool & dashboard to allow them to see the attractiveness & churn for underrepresented groups.


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