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Research on ways to close the gender gap in VC

When our CEO Roxanne started working in venture capital, she quickly realized there was a clear gender gap compared to other work-dominated fields that require similar educational background and experience (management consulting, corporate finance etc.). She reached out to HEC Montreal where she had started a master’s degree to lead the first-ever study to identify solutions to close the gender gap in VC in Canada. 



200+ Downloads

Leading over 100 interviews

Roxanne interviewed over 100 women working in VC in Canada to understand their pain points and collect best practices that could help diversify the investments and investment teams.


Publishing research findings

Roxanne published the findings of her research and decided to transform this academic paper into 3  white papers to diffuse some of the findings into the industry.


Over 200 downloads

The white papers have been downloaded over 200 times by investors looking to diversify their teams and their investments.

1. How to retain and support the growth of women in investment roles 

2. Best practices to close the funding gap and invest in more women founders


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